Fine Knives & Tools Handmade the Old Way

Made to suit you

You know your knife or tool is unique when you feel like it's been yours all your life. Great quality. Lasting. Understated beauty that gets the job done exceptionally well and feels like your own personal art. My name is Laevi Susman, and my mission is to make well-built, beautiful knives, tools, and wares you're proud to own. 

Jewish Knives Laevi working


My work space is equipped with antique, commissioned, and self-made tools which I use to forge hardenable, high carbon-bearing steels for blade edges. Old favorites in American steel are masterfully re-purposed to give them a creative, colorful second life.

Forging tool in hand Laevi Susman Metals Artisan

Found materials, like old wood-working tools (primarily US-made, pre-1970), are used for many of the edges in my work. Some knives are crafted from new laminated steels and famed Japanese alloys like blue-paper and white-paper steel. We do innovative, traditionally-inspired, organic wood, metal, leather, and bone work. Have a vegan vision in mind for your knife and sheath? Can do!

white boned knife


Four generations of my family owned a junk yard, so I grew up surrounded by relics of industry. To me, there's a real sense of romance in forgotten, quality material taking new form. The alchemical and artistic process of making quality scrap into an object to be handed down is my own special way of carrying on my family trade.

Jewish Knives chalef by Laevi Susman